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Making Sure your Daughter Looks Picture Perfect in her School Photos

your yearbook photos are something you look back upon often and again. As apprehensive as you may have been during your school years about looking perfect on picture day, you can exactly imagine what your adolescent daughter may be going through.


It is thus important that you help her pick out the perfect look for her important day, so that she can come back home with confident pictures of herself.

Planning her Outfit in Advance

one recommends against simply waking up on picture day to grab whatever is seen in the front of your daughter's wardrobe. For this special day, it is ideal to plan the perfect outfit that matches your little girl's skin tone, eye colour and hair colour. Make sure the girls clothing that you select also helps flatter her shape. Avoid picking tops that have a patterns or writings on it. If the top you choose for your daughter is too busy, chances are that the focus will shift from her cute face to her outfit. It is ideal to dress your daughter up in solid colours on picture day.

Being Comfortable

A simple way to make sure that your daughter looks confident in her picture is by dressing her up in something you are sure she is comfortable carrying off. Consider putting her in her favourite dress or skirt that you already own, or take her out shopping for something she would love to get a picture taken in. While you are shopping, make sure you help her pick an outfit that is appropriate for school.

Selecting the Right Colours

Avoid picking bright white girls wear as that can wash out your daughter's face or overwhelm her pretty features. This is true especially if your daughter's skin tone is pale. It is important that you pick the colours wisely. While some girls look great in darker shades such as navy blue, maroon, and purple and brown; others may be able to highlight their features in pestle shades. Also, steer clear from bright colours such as electric blue, hot pink or bright yellow.

Other Guidelines to Follow-

it is best to select muted tones that are subdued.

Pick similar tones for the top as well as the bottom. This means, the outfit you pick for your daughter should either have only dark shades or only light shades.

if your daughter is going to feature in a group portrait such as that of a swim team or a newspaper team, avoid selecting an outfit that has more than 3 colours. Also, pick colours that go nicely together.

It is recommended that you pick a top for her that has sleeves that at least reach her elbow.

if your daughter is going to wear a skirt, make sure it reaches below her knees.

while accessorizing her, keep it minimalistic and simple.

Instead of trying something edgy, it is best to do up your daughter's hair the way you would normally do it.

the key is to dress your daughter up in such a way that she is comfortable and confident in her pictures! 

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