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Get Close To Mother Nature At Panna National Park

Madhya Pradesh has become a famous tourist destination owing to its unique range of forest cover, National parks and Wildlife sanctuaries.
Panna National Park is one such destination that receives high tourist footfall because of its scenic beauty and tiger reserves.
It is situated in the Vindhya Range about 57 km from town of Khajuraho, in Chhatarpur and Panna district of Madhya Pradesh.
It was once a hunting ground for rulers of Chhatarpur but in 1975 it was made a part of Gangua Wildlife Sanctuary and received the status of National Park in 1981.
In 1994, this park was bought under the Tiger Project to become the 22ndTiger Reserve of the country and is home of the Panthera Tigris.
There are many other species of animals which can be commonly found such as, Panthera pardus leopard, Canis lupus wolf and Hyaena.
Sambar, Chital and chowsingha occupy the wooden regions and nilgai and chinkara are common in grass lands.
This is also home to many in-house birds and migratory birds like White necked stork, Paradise flycatcher and Peafowl (Indian National Bird).
This park is open from November to June.
Summers here are uncomfortably hot and humid but this the best time to enjoy the rich wildlife of this park.
Winters are mild with maximum temperature around 25 degrees and it is this time when maximum tourist come to visit this park.
The forest reserves are rich in dry Teak owing to the dry and hot climate along with shallow Vindhyan soil.
Other species of trees include Tectona grandis, Anogeissus pendula, Diospyros melanoxylon, Buchnania latifolia, Madhuca indica, Lannea coromandelica, Anogeissus latifolia, Bosswelia serrata etc.
There are luscious green lands along with deep ravines and waterfalls which are preferred by many animals to take cover from wild animals.
The best destinations to visit are Pandava Falls, Kamasan Falls and Dhundhawa Falls.
Other major attractions of this area are Diamond mines, Cave paintings and Rajgarh Palace each famous for its own uniqueness.
This place is well connected and reaching here is easy and convenient.
The nearest airport is Khajuraho and the park is only 37 km away from the airport.
There are daily direct flights from Delhi and Mumbai but to reach here from other cities, one has to take the connecting flight from Varanasi.
The nearest railway station is situated at Satna which is around 70 km away and there are daily trains from Delhi and Mumbai with trains from other major cities reaching here twice a week.
Reaching this place via road is also simple, there are many well connected and well maintained roads which provide a comfortable ride to the park.
There are many hotels close to the park for tourists along with Tourist lodges and Tree houses inside the park itself.
Other major attractions are Elephant safaris, Night safaris and boat rides with the park administrators which provide an opportunity to observe the wildlife at a closer glance.
To conclude, this park offers a great experience for all nature and wildlife enthusiasts who are looking for a break from their routine and wants to spend some time in the arms of Mother Nature.

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