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Why Does My Macbook Suddenly Turn Off?


    • If too much heat builds up inside the MacBook, it will shut itself off to prevent damage to its internal components. This is convenient in that in can save you from paying for hardware replacements, but not if it prevents you from saving your work. Keep your laptop in a cool area and place it on a flat surface to allow proper air flow.

    Disk Permissions and Errors

    • If the shutdown is not hardware-related, errors in the software could be having a critical effect. When logged into your computer, open your "Applications" folder, open the "Utilities" subfolder, and then open "Disk Utility." Select "Macintosh HD;" then click "Repair Disk Permissions." When this is done, click "Verify Disk;" if any problems turn up, click "Repair Disk." If your computer shuts off before giving you access to it, insert your mac installation CD, and then hold down the "C" key as your computer boots to run the utility from there.

    Reset PRAM

    • MacBooks store certain settings and data in a memory area called PRAM, which persists even if your computer is turned off or unplugged. If anything is wrong with your PRAM, any of its settings could cause your computer to experience errors. Turn off your computer; then restart it, holding down the "Command," "Option," "P" and "R" keys simultaneously before the grey Apple logo screen appears. Continue to hold down all four keys until the computer restarts and you hear its start-up chime again.

    Faulty Hardware

    • Occasionally, the hardware inside your computer can deteriorate or simply be defective. The MacBook's logic board is one of the most common sources of hardware problems. If you have repaired your operating system and performed all the other steps above, you have narrowed causes down to where the problem almost exclusively must be a hardware problem. Unfortunately, if this is the case, the hardware itself will need to be replaced, meaning that you'll need to make an appointment with an Apple store.

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