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How to Refinish Wooden Oars

    • 1). Set up materials and equipment to work outdoors.

    • 2). Remove the protective coating of varnish or wood sealant from the oars, using 120-grit sandpaper. Sand along with the grain of the wood until the oar appears dull.

    • 3). Remove sawdust particles that could interfere with stain and varnish absorption with a sticky tack cloth.

    • 4). Cover portions of the wooden oar you do not want stained with professional painter's tape.

    • 5). Lay down plastic dropcloths. Place fabric dropcloths on top of the plastic ones. Lay the oars on the dropcloths.

    • 6). Coat the wooden oar with oil-based stain, using a paintbrush manufactured for use with oil-based coatings. Wait 2 hours for the stained oars to dry. Add additional coats for darker results. Skip this step if you do not want the oars stained.

    • 7). Wash the brush with mineral spirits.

    • 8). Wait 12 hours. Apply varnish or wood sealant to the oars, using the clean paintbrush. Wait 24 hours before using the oars.

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