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The Most Unique Party Themes for Kids" Birthdays

As my daughter approached her fifth birthday, she brainstormed the theme possibilities for her party. She entertained the typical ideas (princesses, Dora the Explorer, ice cream), but it was the unique party themes she conjured up that I hoped she would pick.

Among her more creative ideas were "Cats on the Beach," "Rainbow Dogs" and--my personal favorite--"Shots." She knew kindergarten shots were on the horizon, and it weighed heavy on her mind.

I think you could make almost any party theme work for a kid. Yes, even shots. (Can't you just see a house full of kids wearing white party hats with red crosses on top, drinking blood-red punch, and eating cupcakes with red jelly inside? I think I'd call it a doctor theme instead of shots, though, just to make sure the guests would show up.)

What's the most unique party theme you've ever seen executed? What wacky birthday ideas have your kids tossed around?

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