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Finding Legal Credit Card Debt Relief and Regaining Your Financial Integrity During a Depression

48 million people are looking for credit card debt relief and trying to regain their financial integrity while the depression keeps creating new economic lows.
New FTC rulings have virtually eliminated illegal debt settlement companies and there is little chance of getting consolidation loans due to continued falling home prices.
While most people are frustrated about losing these ancient methods of debt relief, others are looking for and finding new elimination strategies adapted to fit the times we live in.
Achieving true financial well-being will require some mental effort, mainly through education.
If you don't really understand the problem then there is no way of finding a solution.
First of all, it doesn't matter how much you supposedly owe but it does matter how you arrived at this miserable, rotten and worrisome place in your life.
You have been lied to, cheated, swindled and taken advantage of in ways you never imagined! Don't believe it? How about a little history lesson that will show you the proof? Use the search term "the gig is up-money, the Federal Reserve and you" for an eye opening history lesson that's going to upset you greatly and change the way you think forever! This video was presented at the University of Colorado School of Law and when you see the pieces of history that you already know put together to form a true picture of your financial surroundings, you are going to have the aha moment of your life! It's so simple it makes you feel like some kind of financially illiterate dummy doesn't it? Don't feel bad and just be happy that every American isn't discovering this information at the same time! Now that your brain cells have been irrevocably altered, it's time for some more insight on complete debt relief and regaining your integrity while others continue in free fall during this depression.
The search term "FTC debt video" is a representation of the 1966 law which governs fair debt collections.
Way back then you actually had to loan someone money in order for them to collect from you.
Digital debt is nonexistent which means banks can never show any money was lost and no damage was done to them.
Without proof of loss, there is no case against you so your account information is sold to a collection agency that will try to establish a contract with you over the phone or through written communications.
The collector calls and says you owe him money.
If you say "yes" I owe money on some credit card then your recorded call will be sufficient evidence of a new financial contract between you and the collector.
The same is true of written collection notices all of which say something to the effect that "if you do not respond to this notice in 30 days, we will assume the account is valid" so you must respond with a demand for proof that you owe the collector money.
Now you understand this whole deception.
No money was loaned by a bank and debt collectors try to establish a contract with you using your old account information which they purchased from the bank for a few pennies on the dollar.
Your credit card debt relief amounts to nothing more than your refusal to play the bankers game anymore! Your financial integrity it's easily reestablished even during this depression and you know exactly who created these financial hard times through a process known as greed!

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