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How to Run Credit Cards With an iPhone

    • 1). Download the Credit Card Terminal App from the App Store. Simply search for the App and then click on the price to download it. Your iTunes account will be charged.

    • 2). Sign up for an account. This is a payment authorization subscription service that is required for the App to work. Subscriptions start at $25 per month as of 2009.

    • 3). Input your login information, and then input credit card information including number, expiration date and customer zip code.

    • 4). Have the customer sign the screen with a stylus pen. The transaction will not go through without a valid signature, so this is very important.

    • 5). Send the customer a receipt. once the transaction has processed, touch the screen once and press "Send Customer Receipt." Input their e-mail address, and they should receive a receipt of the purchase instantly.

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