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How to Change to a Graphics Card From Integrated Graphics

    • 1). Turn off your system and remove all cables from the rear panel of the computer tower. Flip the switch for the power supply to the off position if your computer's power supply has a power switch. Press the power button on the disconnected computer to release any stored charge the computer still holds in its motherboard.

    • 2). Remove the screws that secure the computer's side panel. There are normally two to three screws securing the side panel of a computer tower. Newer computers sometimes use thumbscrews or latches to keep the side panel in place.

    • 3). Open the computer case by removing the side panel. Place the computer on its side to allow easy access to the computer's expansion slots located on the motherboard. Touch the metal casing on your computer's power supply to ground yourself and prevent static electricity from damaging your system.

    • 4). Align your graphics card with the motherboard's expansion slot and press it firmly down to insert the new video card. Secure your new graphics card to the rear panel of your computer with a single computer case screw to keep it in place. Connect the graphics card to your computer's power supply if your card requires an external source of power.

    • 5). Replace the side panel of the computer and tighten the screws that keep the side of the computer case secure. Attach your computer cables to the rear panel of your computer case and turn your computer's power supply switch to the on position. Double-check that you have connected your monitor cable to the newly installed video card. Press the power button on the front panel of your computer to boot your system.

    • 6). Turn on your computer monitor to ensure your monitor is receiving a signal from the new graphics card. Your motherboard will automatically detect that a card is plugged into the expansion slot, and use the installed graphics card for video.

    • 7). Insert the driver installation disk and follow the installation media's instructions. If necessary, restart your computer to apply the new driver settings and configuration for your graphics card.

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