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Cat Scratching Posts

Scratching is simply part of a cat's natural instinct.
A cat will scratch away without giving a second thought to what they are scratching.
It could be a nice piece of furniture, or even your leg! It's just what they do.
Ultimately, cats scratch for two main reasons; to keep their claws clean, and to keep them sharpened.
A cat that gets into the habit of scratching up the furniture has to be corrected immediately or they will never know there's anything wrong with it.
The easiest and best way to do this is to look into purchasing a few scratching posts for your feline bundle of disaster.
They will take to these fairly quickly as they are specially designed to attract the cat's natural scratching nature.
Many of them come infused with catnip as well, to drive them nuts.
If you have more than one cat, then you probably want to look into at least a couple scratching posts.
A cat also scratches as a way of marking its individual territory.
The practice of scratching actual releases a subtle scent from the gland in their paws, and they do this to let every other living creature in the home know he has been through that area.
Because of this, you want to be sure to set up your scratching posts in areas that are highly traveled, as this is generally where cats like to leave their mark.
A post should also be located fairly close to where he sleeps, as when cats first awake, just like humans love to have a nice long stretch when they get up.
Your scratching posts should be high enough to allow him to reach up and stretch all the way up when he reaches the top.
What these scratching posts are made of is as important as anything.
Because they use this as a way to keep their claws clean it should be made of a coarse heavy fabric.
Burlap is a good choice, but a quality post will come with the proper equipment anyway.
Outdoor cats love to scratch at wooden fence posts, so if you have any of these, take a look and see if your feline is doing any damage out there.
You could even bring in a piece of log from outside and your cat would scratch away on it for hours.
Of course, a log isn't exactly pleasing to the eye, so a store bought item is a far better idea.

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