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Video: How to Make the Perfect Bun for Gymnastics

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm T. Cooper. I'm a New York City makeup artist, hairstylist and co-founder of beauty and grooming company, Metro Look. Today, we're going to talk about the perfect bun for gymnastics. I often say that the perfect foundation for a bun, is a ponytail, but it's not always necessary and I'm going to show you that now. So, for this, you're going to need some hairspray or gel, depending on how tight you want your ponytail. You're going to need either a comb or a brush to smooth the hair back and you're also going to need pins. So, I'm going to spray the hair, smooth it on the sides to tame the flyaways. And just to give the hair some kind of memory, so that it wants to go back, And I'm going to comb it back. So, now this is where my bun's going to start. And you know what, I'm actually going to smooth the top of this, just so it looks good. And I'm going to twist the hair really, really tight, as tight as I possibly can and you see, I'm using two hands to twist it. And I'm going to twist it, till I almost reach the bottom, you don't have to go all the way to the bottom, because this is going to be hidden anyway. So, you see, just as I'm twisting, it's already creating a bun shape on it's own, just from me twisting it. That's what makes this so ideal. So, now, I'm just going to wrap it around itself and tuck the loose end in the bottom. And this, that's left on top, I'm just going to press it down, and I'm going to take my pins and I'm going to pin into it. And being that this is for gymnastics, I would suggest that you use a lot of pins, if you're going to be flipping and dismounting and doing all that cool stuff that the gymnasts do. You do not want your hair falling apart. I've never seen that happen, but I wonder if it ever did. If a gymnast did a flip and just all her hair ended up in her eye, things to make you go um. And there's a nice, tight bun there, and it looks really pretty, this is what is looks like from the back. And she is ready for her gymnastics meet. I'm T. Cooper and thank you for watching, bye.

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