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Ghosts of Spain by Giles Tremlett Rating

The Bottom Line

An excellent history book for people that don't read history books. Tremlett tells a vibrant story of Spain since the Spanish civil war - essential reading for anyone with an interest in Spain

  • Excellent account of recent Spanish history
  • Lively style - book is written by a journalist rather than a historian
  • Varied content - from the Spanish Civil War to the rise of the bikini!

  • Perhaps gallops through a few too many topics for a single book

    • Ghosts of Spain by Giles Tremlett
    • "Travels Through Spain And Its Silent Past"
    • Published by Walker & Company, 2007.
      ISBN-13 978-0-8027-1574-6

    Guide Review - Ghosts of Spain by Giles Tremlett

    Giles Tremlett, Spanish correspondent for the UK's Guardian newspaper, gives an historical account of Spain like only a journalist could - from eyewitness accounts taken from his extensive travels around Spain.

    I disagreed with some of Tremlett's social commentary, but I smiled at other parts - Tremlett knows Spain very well and recounts his experiences in the country with great enthusiasm.

    The book begins with three chapters on the Civil War and its effects on modern-day Spain. Then the pace suddenly changes with an analysis of 'How the Bikini Saved Spain'. If you're expecting a book just on the Spanish Civil War, you'll be disappointed, but Ghosts of Spain is actually a better book by delving into some interesting elements of Spain that are rarely addressed elsewhere and certainly not in a single book.

    At times, Tremlett attempts to cover a little too much and spreads himself a little too thinly - the chapter on flamenco, for one, could have been a book on its own. However, there are already numerous books on flamenco - there is no other book quite like this one.

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