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The use of decorative and elegant electrical components is increasing constantly at a high rate. A variety of electrical supplies are required for building a modern home. These electrical supplies have become a necessity to put in the electric cables and act as precautionary measures to ensure safety. To give modern look to the area, people are using electrical products with various finishes to suit their home interior design. People prefer to have decorative lighting, fans, switches, plugs, sockets and other electrical accessories to give contemporary environment to home.

You can enhance your area with power, control and lighting accessories of Sunny Electricals. It is the global leader of electrical supplies providing diverse range of products. The high quality electrical accessories are available in a variety of finishes from the basic white plastic to the decorative brushed chrome, satin chrome, black nickel and polished brass. Each product is supplied in a variety of styles, materials and finishes to suit every home decor. Have a look at their high energy saving electrical products.

Crabtree Platinum

Crabtree Platinum range is designed with concealed fixing screws to have screwless switches and sockets. A decorative range of Crabtree Platinum has screwless metal front plate with interior fixes option. It allows clean decoration around the product and these plates can be removed easily if you are decorating or renovating your room. Sunny Electricals have a comprehensive selection of high quality screwless sockets and switches including Black Nickel Crabtree, Highly Polished Chrome, Polished Brass Platinum and Satin Chrome Crabtree.

Decorative Ceiling Pull Switches

The stylish and attractive designs of ceiling pull switches are perfect to enhance your area. Decorative ceiling pull switches provide modern feel and accommodate the growing demand of latest trend switches. The pull chain works as on/off switch for ceiling fans, lighting and blinds. These decorative ceiling pull switches can be installed in any place and you can even use them in bathroom. At Sunny Electricals, you can find fantastic Brass Shower Pull Switch and Satin Crome Shower Pull Switch.

Electric Showers

Electric showers offer a luxurious showering experience with a single touch of shower button. Electric showers are mostly used for bath purpose and can also be used within any domestic water system. You can adjust the water flow and temperature settings of electric showers. The modernly designed Triton showers and galaxy showers make a statement in any bathroom. Inclusively designed Electric Shower Systems for easy use at Sunny Electricals gives safe and precise showering experience.

Eurolite Switches and Sockets

Eurolite offers comprehensive range of electrical accessories. Eurolite switches and sockets with Crabtree inserts enhance the interior design. Eurolite range is available with White or Black inserts and can be matched with different wall coverings. Sunny Electricals provide Eurolite black nickel sockets and chrome sockets to meet customer requirements. You can give modern look to your room with eurolite lighting accessories. The prices of designer switches and Eurolite sockets are unbeatable.

Sunny Electricals provide wide range of quality electrical components at affordable prices. Our innovative product range includes all kind of decorative electrical and lightning accessories with high quality finishes. Our list of innovative electronic components ensures protection of your privacy with a one-stop shopping experience. You can check and order a variety of electrical components online.

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Get quality and innovative electrical products from Electrical Supplies & Wholesalers in UK. It includes protective Electric showers and highly polished Crabtree Platinum for modern home.

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