Health & Medical Disability

When Every Second Counts

As an 87-year-old woman sat relaxing in her recliner mid-morning she began to feel numbness in her arm and knew something was off. Her health began to worsen and she quickly removed a small necklace located inconspicuously beneath her shirt attached to a gray button, she pushed the button and waited.

Moments later help arrived at her apartment in an independent living facility located in Texas. The elderly woman had just suffered a stroke and thanks to LifeFone [] she was receiving immediate care to treat her stroke and aid in her recovery process.

"Almost daily we experience similar instances in which residents find themselves in a situation that requires immediate care through the use of LifeFone to contact emergency specialists," Alice, an administrative assistant at the elderly lady's Texas independent living facility, said.

With 62 apartments and 70 duplexes within the Texas facility, it is crucial to have emergency care at residents' fingertips. LifeFone's medical alert bracelets and pendants [] provide an automatic call system to contact the emergency response center located in the nurse's station when medical emergencies arise. Their medical alert system provides the critical and immediate response service that often distinguishes the decisive moments between life and death.

Having used LifeFone for two and a half years, Alice is confident in the service both she and her residents receive from the devices. Her assurance in medical alert systems however, wasn't always as high.

"Shortly after I came to the facility three years ago, we switched from another service provider to LifeFone, and LifeFone has been a breath of fresh air ever since," Alice said.

According to Alice, the care and customer service she receives using LifeFone is immeasurable to the service she used to receive with her former provider.

"I think the other company has gotten to be too big, there are too many departments and no customer service," Alice said. "If I called the other company I wouldn't get a response, or when they did respond they would say that they didn't know what I was talking about, or would have to check and get back to me."

With LifeFone, whenever Alice calls or sends an email, she says she always receives a prompt response regarding any questions or issues she has with the product.

"My contact person is the first person I talked to at LifeFone," Alice said. "I email my contact person and within five to ten minutes I have a response, whether it be concerning billing or getting more wristbands and units."

LifeFone also provides the Texas facility with extra units to keep on hand, so they are readily available when new residents move in. The units simply have to be activated, which can be done as soon as the resident is settled.

"Residents come in with their families for the first time and they are already nervous enough, when we have LifeFone on hand we can get them set up with their family right there, and provide that extra assurance,"Alice said.

Lifefone's medical alert bracelets and pendants allow seniors to remain independent and provide caring service, security and peace of mind to users, their families and caregivers throughout the United States and Canada. Since 1976 LifeFone has been providing trusted professional Emergency Care Specialists to seniors, reducing concerns about personal safety and helping to ensure early intervention.

"I encourage all the residents that move in to get LifeFone," Alice said. "It is priced right, effective and truly is a lifesaver."

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