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The Don"t Go Hungry Diet - By Dr Amanda, For Teens

Have you heard of the Don't Go Hungry Diet by Dr.
Amanda's for teens? If you want to understand yourself better and the reason that you are not losing any weight with your current weight loss program, read this article so that you can start doing something effective.
Amanda will tell you in details how to become healthy for a longer and happier life.
The Don't Go Hungry Diet is a program created by Dr.
Amanda Sainsbury-Salis
, an Australian molecular scientist and weight loss researcher who provided a comprehensive and logical explanation of how we are going to achieve a healthy body.
Unlike numerous doctors who just spent few years of their life learning and studying about dieting, this renowned doctor is different from them because she was trying to figure out the dieting problems ever since she was a teenager.
She personally experienced most of the teenager's problems, especially when it comes to losing weight because she also struggled herself to fight yoyo dieting.
One of her inspirations why she chose to be in the medical profession is that she wanted to be able to overcome these difficulties and help other people with the same problems.
That was when she created the Don't Go Hungry Diet, which clearly states that a person does not need to deprive himself of foods in order to lose weight.
Doing so may even cause you to gain weight.
After years of studying, she realized that there is no point of going against what our body needs.
We should therefore, be at peace with our body rather than fighting it by depriving ourselves with the things or foods that our body requires.
When you are on a diet, what happens is there are some chemical and hormonal changes that may occur and harm your body.
She calls it the "Famine Reaction" that prevents us to burn and melt away those fats and calories.
We simply need to eat healthy foods in the right amounts in the right time, so we do not end up feeling hungry and hence overeat at the end.

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