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It is worth considering what kind of floor you are covering when choosing an underlay. For stone and concrete floors a firm covering is needed to mask any unevenness. This will also reduce the indentation marks heavy furniture leave in the carpet.

This type of basis for a carpet will also prevent the stretching and rucking of carpet and thus reducing its life. If your underlay is too thin on these types of floor, the pile of the floor covering is squeezed against the sub-floor causing it to flatten over time.

If you are buying a covering for your stairs, underlay4u recommends a heavy duty carpet that can withstand heavy traffic that these places generate. The underlay should also be flat and firm.

For wooden floors rubber and felt thick materials are best. Remember that wood has grooves through which dust can penetrate the carpet, causing unsightly lines which are difficult to get rid of. It is wise that prior to covering the floor tape is used which is especially manufactured to seal any such grooves. Other areas that should also be sealed are the gaps between floor boards and skirting board.

If your room is small then a light coloured carpet will open the space up and it will appear to look bigger. However, nowadays stripes are very popular, but it must be remembered that this is a very contemporary look and your room may look dated very quickly. If you are rich enough, this might not be a problem as you will be able to change your floor covering more often.

The easiest way to buy floor coverings is to log on to the internet. We have anything that you would require to fit carpets properly, carpet underlay and also cheap carpet underlay if your budget is limited. However we would advise you to buy the best you can afford for a longer life of your floor covering.

We have been in this business a long time and know all there is to know about the correct way to lay a carpet. If you have a look, there is a calculator on the right hand side of the screen into which you can tap the dimensions of your room. This gizmo will then let you know exactly how much material and gripper rods you need.

If you would rather speak with a person than deal with a machine, you will have our telephone number in front of you. Once you have made a selection then, as long as all the materials come to over £500, delivery will be free to your home.

You can pay for your goods using the pay pal system or over the telephone or you can order the goods on line yourself if you are wary of imparting your details to a third person. Normally, once the goods have been paid for, they will be with you the next day if they are in stock as long as you order before 2 pm.

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