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Business Opportunity Leads - Hey! A Good Tool to Use For Monitoring SEO - Google Alerts!

Occasionally, I like browsing around the internet looking for tools or software programs that can make my life just a little bit easier.
I am always doing something with SEO (Search engine optimization) to drive business opportunity leads to my home based business.
I recently found a tool that helps me monitor my SEO.
Are you aware of Google Alerts? Basically, Google will send you periodic updates through your email account to make you aware of where your keywords and keyword phrases are within Google's search engine rankings.
It might not sound like much but it comes in handy to have a facility that notifies you of any changes...
especially if you are doing SEO.
If you have been doing SEO for some time, you are already aware of the yo-yo effect or what most people refer to as the "Google" dance and what can occasionally happen to your web site and its ranking.
Sometimes your site will disappear altogether but this tool will give you a good accounting of where it actually is.
To me it is like a "feel good" indicator especially when Google goes through their hard crawl and makes comparisons with "all" web sites that utilize your keyword phrases.
It will make you aware of your probable position until that particular hard crawl has been completed.
It isn't just used for SEO.
You can set it up to monitor news stories, articles, your competition, or getting the latest on any specific topic.
If you have or already using Google Desktop, this is not the same thing.
All you need to have to make any changes is a Google account.
Here is the link for Google Alerts.
There is no better way to garnish business opportunity leads than SEO.
These are people who are searching for what you have to offer! SEO is the way to go!

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