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How to Find the Blue Book Price for a Car

    • 1). Go to the Kelley Blue Book website at Click on the New or Used Car option's 'Search by' feature.

    • 2). Input the year, make and model from the drop down menu on the proceeding page. Click the 'Go' button. In the pop-up window, enter your zip code.

    • 3). Click on the correct type of value for the appraisal. If trading in a vehicle to a dealer or trying to figure wholesale value, choose the 'Trade-In Value'. Choose 'Private Party Value' if you plan to sell or buy privately, 'Suggested Retail Value' if purchasing from a dealer or 'Certified Pre-Owned Value' if purchasing a vehicle from a dealer that includes a warranty from the manufacturer (beyond the original manufacturer's original warranty).

    • 4). Select the correct trim level from the next page. Check the vehicle over if you are unsure of its level. Trim levels are usually listed on the side or trunk of the vehicle, such as LE or SL symbols, and you can find the correct engine type by looking under the hood for the emissions sticker.

    • 5). Check all vehicle options and features. Do not guess--the value result can differ by thousands. Enter the correct mileage and any optional features--the pre-checked features are standard for the model you chose.

    • 6). Choose the condition of the vehicle. Dealers value vehicles between the 'Fair' and 'Good' options. Do not choose the 'Excellent' option unless the vehicle is nearly brand new and in perfect condition.

    • 7). Review your values from the results page. If you want to review other trade-in prices or take advantage of other car shopping tools, choose an option from the left hand menu.

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