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How to Get a Photo Pass for a Warped Tour?

    • 1). Attain an editorial assignment from a music media outlet, such as a print, online or TV outlet. Warped Tour requires this. They won't give you a photo pass to take photos for your blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or other similar website or if you're just trying to build up your portfolio.

    • 2). Send an email to Libby Coffey ( and Bari Lieberman (,) but not before March or April of the year you want to take photos at Warped Tour. In the email, request a press request form.

    • 3). Fill out the press request form and mail it back to the Libby Coffey and Bari Lieberman.

    • 4). Send a recent copy of your publication, if you work for a print outlet, to Libby Coffey and Bari Lieberman at MSO in Sherman Oaks, California.

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