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Best Food For Kittens - 4 Helpful Tips

What is the best food for kittens? Here are 4 helpful tips on choosing a kitten food! Tip #1 Look for plenty of protein on the cat food bag.
This cannot be over emphasized.
Protein should be the number one ingredient on the list and it should ideally be 33% of the food.
You'll most likely see it listed as crude protein.
The best protein sources for a kitten are chicken meal, turkey meal, catfish meal, and eggs.
Tip#2 Make sure the cat food is certified by either AAFCO or APHIS and better yet both.
APHIS certifies food to be distributed to the international market and they have very high standards when it comes to ingredients.
Tip#3 Look for a kitten food that is made with human grade ingredients.
Human grade kitten food is made with ingredients that come from the same place as your own food does.
This would be a very good indicator of a high quality kitten food.
Many cat food companies use ingredients that are not fit for human consumption.
They could use anything from chicken beaks to sawdust in their food.
Not a very appetizing thought and definitely not nutritious for your kitten.
Tip#4 The best food for kittens has NO corn, wheat, soy, dairy or by products in it.
Pay close attention to this on the ingredient list.
If you see any of these, do NOT buy it.
These are known to cause allergies in your pets and are not healthy for them.

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