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A Breast Lift Is The Solution To Sagging And Drooping Breasts

For the majority of women, aging is their number one enemy in this world. Women who've had children and experienced breastfeeding can certainly attest to the manner in which their breasts begin to sag and droop and altogether lose their shape and fullness. The more a breast loses its perky, youthful demeanor, the more it will negatively impact a woman's self confidence and self esteem. If she is no longer self confident about her body, she may feel embarrassed to take her clothes off in front of another person.

Lifting and reshaping a woman's breast is big business, both in cosmetic surgery and the clothing industry. There are many products currently available that will lift a woman's breasts and reshape their appearance. Some of these devices are under-wire garments and heavily padded bras. While these devices work wonders as long as the woman is wearing her clothing, they don't do much for when she wants to take her clothes off or perhaps wear a swimsuit. A permanent, surgical procedure that will give a woman the breast lift she desires is called a Breast Lift procedure.

A breast lift is a surgical procedure that was designed with one purpose in mind: to reshape a woman's breast to a more youthful, elegant appearance. The surgery accomplishes this by producing a tighter, younger look for both breasts. After they are done healing from the surgery, they will sit higher on her chest and they will no longer droop or sag. This procedure is an ideal procedure for any woman who wants a new, more youthful look for her breasts.

There are three popular types of breast lift incisions available: Benelli, Benelli lollipop, and the crescent. Each procedure is designed to produce slightly different results, and depending on your particular needs, your surgeon may recommend one over the other two.

When a plastic surgeon performs a Benelli cut, he or she will make a perfect incision around the nipple and areola. The excess skin is removed altogether, and the remaining skin is then pulled back to the areola and stitched together. Because the incision is made around the areola, the Benelli cut produces very minimal scarring.

The crescent method involves making a crescent-shaped incision underneath the areola, and then pulling the skin up and suturing it back to the areola. This type of cut produces a higher positioned breast. When it comes to scarring, this type of incision is not nearly as forgiving as the Benelli cut.

If you are considering a breast lift procedure, you might want to do a little research on a breast lift and breast augmentation combination surgery. Women who undergo that particular combo typically experience very pleasing results.

Do you think a breast lift might be the best option for you? You should contact a local plastic surgeon who specializes in the procedure and schedule an initial consultation (don't worry about the cost – most surgeons offer a free initial consultation).

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