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What Size of Copper Pipe Is Appropriate for the Faucet?

    Kitchen Faucet Pipes

    • When installing a kitchen faucet, use 1/2-inch copper pipe as the water supply pipes. This is the standard size used to install most of the home's fixtures. The pipe size allows the right amount of flow into the faucets from the home's main water line. Using a smaller sized pipe changes the flow of water into the faucet. It is not recommended to use anything smaller than this size.

    Bathroom Faucet Pipes

    • In the bathroom, the faucet uses less water. Most bathroom faucets dispense 2 1/2 gallons of water, or less. However, the same sized pipe connects the faucet to the home's main water lines. Use 1/2-inch copper pipe in the bathroom for the best possible connections. There are few reasons to change the pipe size to any other faucet in the home. Plumbing codes also restrict the pipe size used to connect faucets. Codes vary by town, so check your local building and plumbing codes before making any further decisions about pipe size.

    Problems With Pipe Sizing

    • Using a different sized pipe than the standard 1/2-inch-diameter pipe causes many problems. Even if this pipe does not restrict water flow or affect the water pressure to the faucet, it will affect your connections. Supply hoses run from the water pipes to the faucet, because the faucets do not connect directly to the pipes. Supply hoses have connections sized to fit 1/2-inch pipes. Installing smaller pipes requires different sized supply hoses or special adapters to make the connection water tight.

    Home Water Pipe Sizes

    • A typical home has two main types of pipe. The first is the water main, the line servicing all the fixtures in the home. The second is the fixture plumbing. This runs from the main line to each fixture. The main water line is usually 3/4-inch-diameter copper or iron pipe. The fixture plumbing is usually 1/2 inches. This includes the washing machine, bar faucets and even outdoor faucets. Use copper, 3/4- to 1/2-inch reducing bushings to attach the 1/2-inch pipe to 3/4-inch pipe when installing your faucet pipes.

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