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Have You Been Dumped? Don"t Make Things Worse - Here"s a 3-Step Method That Works!

The days following a break-up can be highly emotional.
 In some cases (especially if you are the one that has been dumped), these emotions border on outright panic and extreme anxiety.
 It's hard to know what to do in a situation like this and most of us end up listening to our gut feelings instead of thinking things out logically.
  It doesn't have to be like that, however.
  Here's a three-step process that is designed to pick you up and get you out of the war zone before you do something you might regret:  1.
Fight the urge to contact your ex with the intent of patching things up and getting back together.
 This never works, plain and simple.
 They simply don't want to hear it - no matter what it is.
You will simply be digging yourself a hole from which you may never escape.
After a day or so, send your ex a handwritten letter or e-mail explaining that you accept the break-up and that you'll be out of town for a bit - don't say why.
 It's absolutely crucial that you not give them the impression that you're leaving because of the break-up.
 Try to appear as upbeat as possible (even though you may not feel so great).
Think of another plausible reason why you would be going away - anything.
It's also important that you don't phone them to deliver this message.
You don't want to give yourself any opportunity to blow this by caving in and professing your undying love for them.
 One-way communication is best at this point.
 If they reply, do not keep up the exchange - just leave it at that.
The final step involves doing exactly what you said you would do.
 Get away for a week or so.
 Don't take your cell phone or computer - you want to make it as hard as possible to contact your ex.
 Visit friends, family, or take a trip on your own.
 New surroundings can do wonders for situations like this.
 Remember, no phone calls and no e-mails, period.
Only tell your close family where you are going and make sure that they know not to tell anyone - not even your friends.
  Once you return, resist the urge to contact your ex.
 In fact, you might even have a few e-mails and voice mails from your former partner.
 Play it cool and just ease back into your life as if they weren't there.
  You might be surprised at the effect that this will have on your self-esteem and confidence.
 You can relish in the fact that you handled the situation with poise and dignity.
 You didn't allow this to ruin your life and that's a sign of inner strength.
   Chances are your ex will notice this also.

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