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Teacher Certification Trends in Texas

Are you contemplating whether you should get a job as a teacher in the state of Texas?

Because of the growing demand for qualified professionals in the state, the government and the board of education have opened up the teacher certification process to include more of the types of people they are looking for.

Why do this?

The demand for qualified teachers remains high. Secondly, the demand for people who are more dedicated to the students is growing. It is not just about getting your bachelor's degree in education any longer. It is about bringing to the table something more.

The Trends in Texas

A good way to see what is happening within the state is to look at the trends in teacher certification in the state of Texas. Since the mid 1980's the state has created more teacher preparation programs than many other states. It has modified the way that it encourages alternative certifications, too. Now, with that in mind, consider the following.

€ About 50 percent of all of those who are obtaining teacher certifications for the first time in the state are doing so through the state's alternative routes rather than by obtaining a bachelor's degree in education.

€ Many of those that are obtaining these alternative routes for education are men. There is a growing number of male students enrolling into these programs.

€ Many of those who obtain the alternative route in the state are older. These are not the youngest teachers fresh out of school, but people who are more mature and with better life experience to bring to the table. They get more respect this way from students, too.

€ Those who enter into these programs as older people and then enter the workforce, have a higher retention rate than those who are fresh out of college based programs.

€ Many have a strong commitment to helping young students to do well. They want to help students to learn and to develop properly. They are making the decision to teach later and that often means they are willing to stay the course longer.

€ Many will have better field-based training that is more intense. They will have better in the classroom training, too. Many will work with or mentor with master teachers in the state as well. This better prepares them to do a good job in the field.

For those who wish to consider entering the Texas teacher certification program in this manner, consider just how beneficial it can be to you to do so.

After all, the demand for qualified teachers here is very real. With more than 75 alternative routes to becoming a teacher, there are plenty of opportunities for individuals to find the right way to begin teaching.

Moreover, with the state's focus on hiring more experienced professionals for the job, it just makes sense that you can find the right program for you.

Consider obtaining your teachers certification. It may just be the best thing you do for the students in the state.

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