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Cheap Honeymoon Ideas for Couples on a Tight Budget

Making a decision where to spend your honeymoon should not only be based on your interests, but also with taking into account your financial possibilities.
The wedding itself is capable to put a serious dent in the family budget, and that is why some couples are inclined for a more modest type of a romantic holiday.
If you happen to find yourself in this situation, keep in mind that you still have a few options.
I am not going to suggest you to skip the honeymoon altogether, but rather provide you with a few examples of how you can save.
First, you do not even have to go anywhere for your honeymoon.
Just take some time and dedicate it to your family.
Realize that you do love each other and the most important thing is not where you are, but the fact that you are together.
It is not recommended to simply sit at home - you will have plenty of time for that! Take a walk together through your hometown, go on a picnic, and visit local museums and restaurants.
If you have a zoo in the city - spend a day there; if there is a botanical garden - why not explore it together? Next, select your getaway place without all the hustle and bustle - just you, your beloved and nature all around.
So instead of an expensive hotel, opt for a small bed and breakfast in the country, instead of the Mediterranean coast - a clean and tranquil lake in some secluded place.
Another great option that won't break the bank would be to arrange a post wedding weekend getaway at a luxury hotel.
Booking a luxury suite for a couple of nights is much less expensive than an all-inclusive honeymoon trip lasting several weeks.
Order champagne and fruit and ask your friends to bring in some flowers and decorate the room with balloons.
This option is also suitable for couples who cannot take the time off for their honeymoon.
Finally, if you still keep dreaming of the Bahamas, then you can put off your honeymoon trip until the times get better financially.
It is quite all right if you do not go on your honeymoon immediately after your wedding ceremony, but say, 5-6 months later.
During this time you will have an opportunity to save some money and patch up the family budget.
In addition, you will have a chance to take a break from the monotony of the day-to-day family life and feel like the bride and groom once again.

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