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Increase Your Storage Capacity With SDX1 Tapes.

Any reliable data media storage formats are mostly design to store massive storage capacities, high performance, transaction speed, and reliable relocation path even as still offering accurate and stable backward read and write ability through many existed formats. AIT (advance intelligent tape) is one of this kind magnetic media format which dedicated to offer better and reliable read and write compatibility through its initial versions for as long as precisely practicable. At minimum, AIT media format is completely reliable and offers excellent compatibility with its initial generations. Sony developed this remarkable data storage format to meet the most intensive storage challenges, which are facing by small and medium size business and enterprise level.
As the first member of this reliable and well developed AIT line up the Sony SDX1-35C, offers outstanding 35GB native and 90GB compressed data storage capacity and have a smart and fully secure data transfer speed is 4MB/Sec native and 10MB/Sec compressed data with Sony offers an Ultra SCSI LVD interface approach. This reliable AIT1 media cartridge offers the access point into the AIT ancestors and preferably located to offer a relocation chance for DDS customers that necessitate more capacity and presentation than what DDS be able to deliver. These are specially design to give more benefits to the customer and protect their important investment, which designated for IT development. AIT 1 drive can be read and write by every of the next generation AIT line up like AIT2 and AIT3.
The Sony AIT-135GB tape, using most advanced and patented AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated) technology which offer robust base film quality with high class metal particles. Through its untainted metal magnetization layer a shielding Diamond like Carbon Coating (DLC) technique, that give more recording density and solid base film structure. Enable cartridge to have more data and protection with its robust and greater scalable quality and encouraging equally higher system and media existence. The AIT uses a very high quality recording techniques, which used in many other formats through many years this Helical Scan technology, which give reliable and outstanding recording ability and has a unique formation if the data misses or fail to load it can reload again. More importantly, Helical Scan recording does not want fast tape speeds, the move time of the drive is a lot faster than other existed technologies, and offers reliable presentations over a wider variety of host data pace. Due to low failure experiences this technology give the remarkable high quality reliability specification for 100% heavy and nonstop cycles.
The SDX1-35C AIT tape, embedded with a non-contact memory chip which is reliable part of AIT technology. This highly prolific component helps cartridge and AIT tape drive to work in perfect harmony, and helps drives to fast archival information search through the support of MIC technology. The MIC offers superior brainpower to a tape drive and cartridge-grouping trough the use of a supplementary flash memory chip included into the data cassette, The MIC chip contains key index and directory of cartridge usage history as well the information about the manufacturer and its compatible drives and other related components. This memory chip also helps drive to reach exact location of desired data during load and unload processes. In addition, fix the different application and facilitate flexible supervision of the cartridge and its important contents.

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