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Gun Sales and Burglar Alarm Systems Expected to Sky Rocket in a Recession

The United States economy, founded on the foolish principles on spending is bound to cause what many economists are predicting: the worst economic calamity the USA has seen since the Great Depression.
The United States has consistently been overspending and taking credit out of their accounts.
This has caused the nation to suffer because the trade deficit is huge and will continue to grow with the price of oil going up.
The nation is also in mounds of debt due to the overseas empire the country vies to continue.
With foreign countries refusing to buy up the Treasury bills, the federal reserve has no choice but to continue to print more money.
The famous economist John Williams has stated that the M3 money supply, total number of dollars in the banks, has increased by about 20% this year from next.
With this increase in the money supply, there is expected to be a 20% increase in the costs of all goods and services the average American will have to spend.
Essentially, it is expected that the next year will experience a 20% inflation on their wealth, savings, and income.
For many, this type of economy will cause a loss of jobs.
And a loss of jobs will result in social and civil unrest by the citizens of this nation.
In a recession, folks feel less safe and less protected by their governments so they look to protect themselves.
In a recessionary economy, gun sales are expected to grow.
The sales of burglar alarm systems will also go.

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