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Diabetes and Blood Sugar Myths Debunked

Is sugar the cause of diabetes? Is diabetes contagious? Do people with high blood sugar automatically have diabetes? Read some diabetes-related myths below and find out the truth.
Eating Too Much Sugar can cause diabetes The fact is diabetes is caused by the inability of the pancreas to secrete insulin (type 1) or the inability of the body to respond or to absorb insulin (type 2).
If you eat too much sugar, your blood glucose does increase however.
Elevated sugar levels in the blood is a manifestation of diabetes and your diabetes will get worse if you eat too much sugar and if you live a sedentary lifestyle and are overweight.
Too much blood sugar in normal people doesn't mean you have diabetes Now this is a myth.
As said, the elevation of sugar levels in the blood is manifestation of diabetes.
Even if you are a triathlon athlete who leads a healthy lifestyle, if your sugar is higher than normal, have yourself checked for diabetes.
Diabetes can be cured by insulin and metformin tablets Up to now there is no known cure to diabetes.
The treatments in the market right now are used to be able to manage the illness and to prevent further complications.
So don't eat whatever high-sugar and high-carbo food you are craving for, just because you have taken your insulin and tablets.
They won't make you invincible.
It is best to take the medicines and at the same time avoid eating sugary food to be able to maintain your low sugar levels.
There is such a thing as borderline diabetes The fact is that there is no such thing as borderline diabetes.
If your blood glucose exceeds the normal amount you have diabetes.
Diabetes is contagious Diabetes is not contagious.
However, research says that diabetes can be caused by genetics.
If your direct kin has diabetes, chances are you are also at risk in getting diabetes.
So better exercise, monitor your blood glucose levels and keep a balanced diet.
Avoiding vices such as drinking and smoking will also help you in lowering your blood sugar.

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