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Homemade Wedding Shower Favors

    Tulle Shower Favors

    • 1). Lay the tulle circles on a flat surface.

    • 2). Place chocolate candies, sunflower seeds or mints in the center of each tulle circle.

    • 3). Gather up the edges of the circle. Bunch the tulle together to enclose the treats inside.

    • 4). Tie a ribbon at the top of the tulle to keep it closed. Use ribbon that matches the theme of the shower. Tie the ribbon into a bow.

    • 5). Spread the bunched-up tulle on the top of the favor by gently pulling on it.

    Cookie Cutter Favors

    • 1). Pick out cookie cutters that suit the season. For example, choose snowflake cookie cutters for a winter shower, or flower-shaped cookie cutters for a spring shower.

    • 2). Print out your favorite sugar cookie recipe onto index cards. Use any word processing software to achieve this; just make sure you set the paper option to the appropriate size. If you have attractive handwriting, you could choose to write the recipes by hand.

    • 3). Use a hole punch to make a hole in the corner of each card. Tie the recipe cards with satin ribbon to the cookie cutters.

    • 4). Place the cookie cutter favors on a table. Put up a sign that instructs guests to each pick one.

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