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EcoFresh Review - Legitimate Business?

EcoFresh is a multilevel marketing opportunity, which focuses on green environment.
The company is based in Texas and has been in existence since 1970.
It promotes a deodorizing cleaner, which is safe for the environment.
All products of this company are made from natural plant-based formula.
The products do not contain any bleach or ammonia and are biodegradable.
Distributors of the company are offered three consultant levels to get started.
EcoFresh does not sell any of its products in stores as independent distributors, are relied on to sell it to customers.
There are various training programs offered by the company to its members, which will help them to increase sales and earn compensation.
There is no start up bonuses paid to members.
The commissions, which are paid to members are directly related to their performance and sales volume.
Members do not require any previous sales experience and it is a decent opportunity for couples who want to earn an extra income by marketing Eco friendly products.
The compensation plan has many ways available to earn commissions.
Here is a list of the various incentives in the plan.
  • Straight commission - Any product, which the member sell directly or through their personalized company website, will help them earn 25 percent commission.
  • Sales Bonus - If the member manages to sell more than $2,000 worth of products every month, they would be able to get 10 percent extra commissions.
  • Leadership Bonus - Members will be able to earn an additional three percent, if they have directors in the downline.
  • Get paid 5 levels deep - Members make 6 percent of every sale, on the sales of distributors, whom they recruited.
    This can add up to 48 percent commission.
  • Master case discount.
    - When master case of product is purchased by the members, they would be able to earn an extra 10 percent.
  • Dream bonuses - Directors at level one would be able to make $300 per month and directors at level five would be able to make $700 per month additional income.
EcoFresh is a legitimate MLM opportunity but success in this venture, will be determined by the work ethic of the individual concerned.
Although members have quality products to market, they will require some online marketing skills and and ability to attract a steady stream of prospects.

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