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Producing Blog Content - Being Result Oriented As Opposed to Being Activity Oriented

I just had an AHA moment this morning.
If you read some of my articles or have watched my videos, you know that I write every moment that I get.
I write and write and write and then I record videos on everything that I write.
I realized that I can crank out an article in 10 minutes and can do 3 or 4 videos in about 20 minutes.
It is empowering to produce more than I have every produced before.
However, I realize that I can be so much more powerful if I can step away and learn new ways to communicate so that the work that I am producing can impact those who read that work.
There are things that I want to learn and things that I need to mater beyond just producing content.
Below are a couple of things that I am in the process of starting to master starting now - 1.
Focus on the end result as opposed to the input (Result Oriented)
- My intention is to generate two new customers every single day.
The action I am taking is to crank out as much content as I can, thinking that if I throw enough stuff (quality stuff) against the wall, then something will stick.
I can put together up to 12 articles per day if I really stretch, can do 10 fairly regularly and can do 8 with ease.
Well, if I just strive for 10 articles per day, then I can get that done as quickly as possible and then shift my attention to training myself to make my articles better.
Wow, even in this paragraph, I digressed to the input as opposed to the output.
The bottom line is that my intention is going to be focused on generating 2 sales per day every day starting today.
I will ask questions like - What needs to be included in this article that will generate 2 sales a day from this article alone? What else do I need to do? Who are the customers who are going to read this article? What are their problems and challenges? Why are they going to buy? If I am able to write from that place, I will be light years closer to generating two sales a day.
You See? (Or if you are like me - You feel?) 2.
Get a clear vision of what people who are generating the sales are doing
- What are people doing that I am not doing.
I can tell right now that they have reviewed training that I have not quite finished.
I train myself towards the end of the day, as I am falling off to sleep.
I am estimating that I have about 40 hours worth of training to do and at the pace I am going right now, I will finish that training in three weeks.
That is way too long.
I need to allocate some of my writing time to training time, so I can get through the training more quickly and be quicker at implementing what is in the training.
Deal with the things that I am putting off
- There is one work project that deserves a little more attention and a personal project that deserves more attention.
I shall devour those projects starting today and get them to a place where I feel great about where we are with those projects.
As a result, I will be in a much better position to deliver what I need to deliver.
Being result oriented is as simple as that.
The bottom line in being result oriented is that there is always a higher level of focus and I higher level of mastery.
I am so much better than I was even thirty days ago but I have learned that the more I learn and the more I do the bigger the gap of where I want to be.
Those are the facts of life and the law we must follow.

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