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No Pain Hair Removal - Get Rid of That Facial Hair Forever!

No pain hair removal is possible as new procedures are always being developed.
  So if you have hair growing in areas you wish you didn't then electrolysis hair removal may be for you.
  Its a fact that many other forms of hair removal such as buffing, waxing, bleaching, shaving or plucking just don't measure up to electrolysis.
Besides those approaches generally cause skin irritations or problems.
  My attempt in this article is to educate you on some facts that will assist you in making your decision whether to use electrolysis or not.
One thing you should do when deciding to use this process is to visit a specialist in this area and ask to speak with some of their clients, ask how long they have been performing this procedure and check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure that there are no complaints filed against them.
Now for the science.
  Just what is hair removal via electrolysis? This is really an art, the art of removing hair with electricity.
  A tiny hair like metal probe is placed in the hair follicle with out penetrating the skin, then an electric current zaps the root killing it.
  It is a long process but an effective process.
Every hair in the area that is being treated must be done in order for the treatment to be a success.
  The FDA has approved this method and is one of the very few process that the FDA does endorse.
Like any procedure it does not achieve the same results on all people.
  However, most people gain excellent results over a period of time.
  Even those that respond less to this process generally agree that they get some benefit from using electrolysis.
  To achieve the maximum benefits electrolysis should be performed over several removal treatments.
  Most experts agree that this process gives the best results over other removal alternatives.
  There are many forms of hair removal products on the market from creams, to wax procedures to laser removal all which may provide some measure of satisfaction.
  However, if you are looking for a long term solution then I suggest that you research electrolysis.
  Many of the other treatments are only temporary and are expensive.
The big question everyone wants to know is does the hair come back and is the process painful?  For the vast majority permanent hair removal is accomplished.
  As I stated before the results vary but most get some form of satisfaction.
  As far as the pain part again everyone reacts differently but the overall description of the process is minor to moderate stinging or a tingling sensation which quickly dissipates when the treatment is over.
  For the most part this is a no pain removal process.
  Should you experience more than the average discomfort you can ask for a topical anesthesia be applied.
  These treatments should only be done by specialists and should never be attempted at home.
  Trying to save a few pennies by doing this yourself may end up costing you several dollars in doctors bills to repair any mishaps.
  So if you are looking to rid yourself of that unsightly body hair that you have growing for years then check out electrolysis and get a smooth result.

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