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How to Put Up Jerusalem Tile

    • 1). Measure the area the Jerusalem tile will be installed on, using a measuring tape. If this area is a wall, mark off an area of equal size on a nearby flat surface, using a pencil. Lay out the loose tiles in this designated area to find the most pleasing layout.

    • 2). Lay the first tiles at the lower center section of each area and bury the cut tiles in the corners or edges of the installation. Cut these tiles on a tile wet saw, cutting slowly to avoid chipping the limestone.

    • 3). Spread a small amount of white thin-set mortar over the area with a trowel. Use the ridges of the trowel to produce ridges in the mortar, which will create a vacuum, holding the tiles in place. Push each Jerusalem tile firmly into the mortar, twisting it slightly into place to achieve a good bond. Wait 24 hours for the thin-set to dry.

    • 4). Apply a sealer made for porous stone to the Jerusalem tiles' surface. Roll the sealer on with a foam roller for even coverage, allow the sealer to remain untouched for 10 minutes, and wipe away the excess with a soft cloth.

    • 5). Spread grout over the empty joints with a grout float. Press the grout between the limestone tiles from several directions to ensure even coverage and wipe down the face of the stone with a damp sponge to clean.

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