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Things to Make With Pool Noodles

    Holiday Decorations

    • A great feature of pool noodles is their flexibility, which allows them to be bent into an assortment of different shapes. A simple shape with holiday decorating potential is a candy cane. Bend the top of the pool noodle down to make a cane shape and use cotton twine to hold the noodle in that shape. Red and white streamers can be wrapped in alternating rows top to bottom to complete the candy cane look.

      Bending the pool noodle into a circle creates many opportunities as well. By wrapping a circle with green streamers, adding a red holiday ribbon, and wrapping some Christmas lights around it, you can make a noodle into an oversized Christmas wreath.

      The noodle also can be formed into egg shape, covered in paper or cloth, and painted for a great Easter egg.

    Building Blocks

    • Cut the pool noodles into smaller pieces. Using a handsaw, you can cut the whole pool noodle into three or four uniform pieces. From there, you can think of this as a brick-and-mortar operation, with the noodle pieces as your bricks and hot glue as your mortar.

      When making noodle block creations, start with one row. On the next row, start the first noodle in the split between the first two on the previous row. On the third row, start the formation as you did on the first. A noodle block can then be cut in half lengthwise, and the two halves can be installed on the sides of the second row, much like building a brick wall. Following thereafter, continue the alternating row pattern until the block is as large as you need it to be.

      With the pool noodle formations at your disposal, you can create all manner of functional objects. By creating a suitable base, back, and arms you can create a surprisingly comfortable chair. By building a large enough base layer two or more layers deep and adding walls on all sides, you can create a colorful pool or beach raft.

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