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Wood Floors: Buying New vs Recycled

Hardwood floors are the perfect way to add style, durability and value to your home. While carpet wears and fades quickly and linoleum starts to look tacky, wood floors last for years and look fantastic, suiting almost any style of interior design. With a large number of woods you can choose to use for flooring, there are many different looks you can achieve too.

When purchasing hardwood flooring, you have the option of buying new or recycled. Some people are put off at the idea of buying recycled or reclaimed flooring - they worry about the quality and appearance of the floors - and while some companies will recycle wood from anywhere, most recycled flooring is simply lifted, unused wood floors that are sanded and refinished after being laid.

One of the main concerns that people have is over the durability of recycled flooring. Obviously, the idea is that it has already been used before, meaning that it has already lived some of its life. Wood floors can be measured by the number of re-finishes they have gone through; if you purchase reclaimed floors that haven't been sanded down and refinished after being laid, they will only last one less than a new floor would.

It all depends on what you buy. The better care you take of your floor the less it will need to be re-finished.

The most appealing thing about recycled wood is the price. New floors can cost from NZ$50 - NZ$150 per square metre while even the most expensive recycled wood might cost you less than NZ$25 per square metre. Of course, it all depends on the type of wood, and the quality and the retailer you deal with, but you can benefit from huge savings by using reclaimed wood in your home.

Recycled flooring is more environmentally conscious too. Some are put off the idea of having wood flooring because of the concerns they have with illegally logged rain forests and environmental sustainability. Buying reclaimed wood means no new trees have to be cut down to provide for your floor, allowing you to have the look you want in your home while staying green.

Buying reclaimed wood can save you money on your build or renovation. With a bit of extra conscious care, you might find that your recycled flooring lasts even longer than a new one does. If you do choose to buy recycled, pay extra attention to the wood's quality and do some research to ensure you are dealing with a reputable company.

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