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How to Kill SIGHUP

    • 1). Log into your system using the user account currently running the process you'd like to send a SIGHUP command to, or the root account.

    • 2). Open a new terminal window. This process differs greatly between Linux distributions so consult your manual if you are uncertain.

    • 3). Type "ps -aux" in the terminal to obtain a list of processes. If you know part of the process name, type "ps -aux | grep <partialname>" where "<partialname>" is part of the program's name. This will filter the results to provide a more readable output.

    • 4). Locate the "PID" value for the process, such as "1219" listed in the process column.

    • 5). Type "kill -HUP <PID>" and replace "<PID>" with the PID value obtained from the "ps" command. This will cause the program to restart.

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