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The Crow 1994

The Crow is a wonderful movie about love, revenge, justice and redemption.
The late Brandon Lee delivers an excellent performance as musician, Erik Draven, who is about to get married to his soul mate, Shelley Webster, (Sofia Shinas), taking place on Halloween night.
However, on Devil's night, the night before Halloween, Eric Draven is thrown from his apartment window to his death by a gang of no good punks and his girlfriend Shelley is also killed.
We are filled with the sense of injustice from the very beginning of the Crow, we identify with Eric and Shelley from the onset and require justice to be served, so we look forward to the movie with anticipation that some form of revenge and closure is delivered.
This comes in the way of Eric returning from the grave and following a crow, hence the name, who guides him to those responsible for his and Shelley's death.
The gang responsible for Eric and Shelley's death are working for an evil and sinister character named Top Dollar, (Michael Wincott), who identifies the secret behind the crow and tries to get rid of Eric Draven forever.
However, Eric is making sure that each member of the gang responsible for his and Shelley's death, pay and justice is served.
This will eventually lead to a showdown between the two and ultimately the fate of the crow or top dollar in a fitting end to the movie.
One of the most endearing qualities of the movie is the heart-warming character development between Eric, the little girl, Sarah, (Rochelle Davis) and the cop who cares about the victims of this terrible crime, Sergeant Albrecht, played by Ernie Hudson.
Sarah is a young girl from a dysfunctional family who is a friend of Shelley and Eric's who becomes friends with Detective Albrecht.
Sarah and detective Albrecht are amazed by Eric's return and both try and help him in their own ways to adjust to his situation.
The movie the Crow is somewhat of a cult movie, it will forever be remembered for Brandon Lee's unfortunate death on the set whilst making the movie and remembered for his great performance in it.
Therefore, the movie itself has such a sadness associated with it particularly the ending of the movie.
However, many fans of this movie and of Brandon Lee can rest assured that this movie is a fitting tribute to an actor that would have made it big in the industry had fate not intervened.
The Crow is a very good movie and a must see in my opinion and the soundtrack is also very good.

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