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Duties of a Customer Service Coordinator

    Communicating With the Customer

    • The primary duty of a customer service coordinator is to deal with the customers. The coordinator listens to customer complaints and helps with any questions asked or any requests that are made. The method of this interaction differs depending on the company and product or service provided. Communication takes places via phone, mail, email, or in person.

    Administrative Tasks

    • A customer service coordinator also performs administrative duties. This position requires a person to process orders received from customers. Additionally, creating invoices, updating customer information, handling billing and service issues, and inputting data are administrative duties that accompany this position. A customer service coordinator should have proficiency with computers as many administrative tasks are performed on a computer.

    Extensive Company Knowledge

    • Regardless of what type of company the customer service coordinator is working for, it is important that she be knowledgeable about all aspects of the company that may apply to the customer. Such areas include pricing, services, products, shipping and policies.The customer service coordinator should keep herself apprised of any changes that occur in these areas because customers need to be given accurate information. She also must study information about the company if she desires to be promoted to a managerial or supervisor position.

    Dealing With Other Departments

    • To better serve the customer, a customer service coordinator communicates with other departments within a company. This is done in order to deal with possible errors in billing, products or services which often originate in different departments. Coordinating with different departments helps ensure that the customer receives the service needed to resolve any questions or issues. Negotiation skills make the communication process between departments an easier task.

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