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Mobile Phones Aren"t Just

Mobile phones aren't phones!  Sounds funny but it's true, mobile phones aren't just phones; the ability to talk on them is just a fraction of tasks they are capable of.

From surfing the net, to accessing a bank account and paying for your Starbucks, the most interesting feature is text messaging.  Technically it's referred to as SMS text messaging.

At first, texting became popular among the young set; that's the group from 13 to 21.  They mostly used it to have fun by texting their friends.  Adults didn't find texting advantageous and ignored it for many years but thanks to the adult business community texting has now become a convenience.

Busy executives could now text to clients, colleagues and others without as much as a hiccup in their daily schedules.  This saves valuable working time that would be taken up by a lengthy and sometimes unnecessary time consuming phone conversation

The most exciting aspect of the texting story lies in the fact that the general public has embraced it.  The average texting age has risen 65.

Businesses of all sizes are starting to depend upon texting to attract a new and larger prospect base.  They've found the secret to gaining new business is to first identify a large group of people and texting fits the bill because 98% of all Americans use cell phones.  Additionally all cell phones smart or "dumb" can access text messages.  Now you can start to imagine the potential.

Mobile phones are with users 24/7, they are the first thing people wake up to and the last thing to check on at night... then it goes on the night stand.  For the merchant it's a dream come true-having the ability to contact the prospect and get immediate responses.

Food establishments use coupons to gain immediate business for limited specials for lunch, dinner or special promotions.  Pizza parlors and other take out establishments are especially happy with mobile marketing and have produced some fantastic increases in sales.

Additionally texting comes in many forms.  There's texting for information such as find the lowest price gas, getting directions etc.  Professionals such as doctors, chiropractors and others are raving about how texting eliminates the "no show" appointments so often blamed for lack of business.

Mobile sms texting then, has led to mobile marketing, a concept that can increase most any business from automotive dealerships to spas and professionals alike.

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