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How to Regain a Man"s Interest - Why Did He Pull Away in the First Place?

How many of you ladies have made mistake after mistake, and watch your man or the man you were briefly dating just pull away from you steadily and not even flinch? His only objective seemed to be getting away from you in the sliest but most steady way possible.
Note how men never tell you they are pulling away and losing interest.
You could feel him losing interest because his actions spoke volumes.
He stopped calling as much.
It was obvious his feelings changed because the tone in which he usually talked to you changed and he wasn't that interested in hanging out with you or in seeing you.
At this point you start wondering what is wrong, what is going on here? You start the over functional brain syndrome (OFBS) as I like to call it, right? Or if you are anything like I was, OFBS just went into a higher gear.
Basically, it is just thinking yourself to death and driving yourself insane about what you think is happening with the man you are dating and why he is not calling or acting like he once did.
And so, the questions start: WHAT is wrong with this man? Is he upset with me? Is he seeing someone else? Isn't he interested in me anymore? Does he want us to stop seeing each other? Was it something I said or did? Maybe he is busy...
So you start calling more often to try to pick his brain to figure out what is going on with him and if it is really because of you.
Ladies, let me help you with this one because I have been there more often than I care to remember.
Please stop.
You may have a thousand questions, it does not matter at this point, keep them to yourself.
If you ask him anything, all you are doing is driving the nail in the coffin.
Whether or not it is because of you that he is pulling away, you can bet that it WILL be because of you and your actions at this point that he STAYS away.
It is one thing to be mulling over all these questions over in your head but please keep these questions to yourself and do not ask your man anything.
At this point, they will all come out the wrong way.
Your only objectives right now are to stop him from backing away from you, raise his attraction for you and regain his interest.
I am going to show you the first step in doing exactly that.
At this point, it may be you or it may not be you.
Just chill out...
Stop calling him, stop trying to get him to come back to you, stop running after him in a last ditch attempt to stop him from going through the door.
What I want you to do here is to stop and ask yourself some questions.
Now, while you try to answer these questions, it will appear to him as though you have held the door open for him to go through and out and that you will close it tightly behind him, lock up and carry on with your life.
Now answer the following questions honestly: 1.
Have I been calling him too often? 2.
Have I been too emotional for no reason? 3.
Have I asked him where the relationship is going and really expected an answer? 4.
Have I told him that I am looking for commitment and marriage? 5.
Have I been acting insecure or clingy and not been giving him his space? Ladies, if you have answered yes to even one or two of these, then you have your answer as to why he is backing off.
These are just a handful of the classic mistakes that some women make all of the time which drive a wedge between them and their men and have their guys scuttling off in the opposite direction.
But the good news ladies is that you now have your reason as to why he backed off...
and this is the first step to regaining his interest! Let me show you how to draw him steadily back to you.
I'm going to teach you how to become a magnet where he is concerned.
If you want him to come and knock on your door and ask you to let him in, click on the link below to visit my blog!

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