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Going Green

Recycling is in.
The new millennium introduced an innovative generation of tree huggers.
These sophisticated environmentalists have a vision of an eco-sensitive life made possible by choices about what to buy and how to use those products responsibly.
Our past excesses haunt us.
Landfills littered by tires, disposable diapers, plastic bottles and products are a reminder of our insensitivity to the future.
It is our descendants who will be forced to handle our abuse of the environment.
Creative minds and technology attempt to transform yesterday's garbage into second lives as new products.
This is usually accomplished at a considerable cost to consumers, which assuages our guilty consciences.
We need to learn how to allocate and use our natural resources for considerate optimization.
There is only one earth, with limited resources.
Remember Mark Twain said, "Buy land, they don't make it anymore.
" These reincarnated resources given another life as politically correct products inspire us.
We can adapt this new found strategy to our personal lives.
From the generation of wanting what is next, because next is new, and new is inevitably better, how do we manage our expectations for our love lives.
Is your current relationship as good as it gets.
Or is a pit stop on your relationship highway because someone down the road in your future might make you happier.
Compared to the fixed amount of natural resources of our planet, do we have a love quota? Only so much love to give, and when it is gone, depleted like a natural resource, we become empty.
Or can we recover a deleted relationship from our personal recycle bin.
Are those emotions reusable or renewable?

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