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How Do I Tear Off a Countertop?

    • 1). Inspect underneath the counter inside the cabinets and look for screws that secure the countertop to the base cabinet. Look on the underneath of the cabinet frame. Use an electric drill with a driver bit installed to remove any screws that you find.

    • 2). Score along the edges of the back-splash where it attaches to the wall and the counter. Use a utility knife to cut the caulk that secures the back-splash. Use a flat pry bar to gently work the back-splash loose and remove it.

    • 3). Cut between the countertop and the base cabinets using the utility knife, especially if it looks like the countertop was caulked or glued in place. Work your way around the edges of the counter and use the knife to free it as much as you can.

    • 4). Pound a flat pry bar between the countertop and the base cabinets using a hammer. Pry up on the countertop using the pry bar. Work you way around the entire edge of the countertop employing this method. Work the countertop off the base cabinets and remove it completely.

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