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Build Self Esteem

Building self esteem is not that difficult, however you can do some things, which you can't develop overnight. There are twelve steps to raise self esteem.


Don't compare yourself with others. There might be people who are higher in self esteem than you and some who have less than you. If you start looking at other people, you will assuredly face defeat.


It is very important that you don't put down yourself. It isn't possible to raise self esteem if you constantly repeat use self deprecating words about yourself and your abilities. Try to always avoid negative comments when you speak about your relationships, financial condition, any aspect of life, and speaking about your appearances.


Be polite and accept any compliments with "thank you". Whenever you reject a compliment the message you give yourself is that you are not worthy of the compliment, which shows low self esteem.


Always use positive words to increaseyour self esteem. Create a sentence that reflects well on you and place it where you will read it and reinforce positive comments or compliments said to you.


Whenever possible take advantage of workshops, books and various cassette programs on self esteem. By viewing negative things, they will have an affect on your self esteem, shows like news about murders or bad television programs are to be avoided. They will make you could allow you to become negative and cynical. Yet, if you watch uplifting programs or read good books you will take on these characteristics.


As much as possible avoid less than positive people, and try to associate with with positive people because negative thinking people will not accept your ideas or views, lowering your self esteem. It is true that if you are accepted and encouraged you will feel encouraged about your self and your self esteem will raise.


Create a list of past successes, consisting of any achievement, small or significant, like learning to drive, graduation, receiving an award, reaching a business goal, etc. Place the list where your read it often, and after reading try to review these accomplishments while closing your eyes tofeel the satisfaction they bring to mind.


Make out the list of your positive talents. Try to be honest with yourself and make out at least 20 positive qualities. Here it is also important to review all these qualities often. At all times focusing on your positive personality traits.


Give time to other people. Start offering your assistance to others, and by making a positive contribution, you will feel a more valuable person, which will raise your spirit and raise your own self esteem.


Get involved in things which you love to do. Self esteem expands, when you are enjoying work which you have a passion for. This passion doesn't have to be work, it could be a hobby or leisure time.


It is essential important that you be true to yourself. You will not feel good about yourself if you are not being truthful and upfront with yourself.


Do not be less than ready of challenges, try to accept challenges. You can not raise high self esteem without taking on challenges. Facing and meeting challenges boosts your self esteem when you take an action without being concerned about the end result

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