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The paradigm of oneness and love says that we are all spirit children of God, the universal source. Living in fear comes from a belief that says we are separate from God. These are the base thoughts that determine how we view the world. If we believe that we are separate we will view the world one way and if we believe that we are one we will view the world another way.

If you believe that you are one with your source then you also believe that we were created by God in his image and likeness. In other words, we have the same properties and creative abilities as God.

We, as spirit children of God, are also eternal, just as God is eternal. This means that we do not die in the sense that humans generally define the term. Our human body will ultimately cease its bodily functions, but the spirit continues on and merely changes form in order to experience its next creation. Life, love, and God is a process that is eternal. We are continually evolving.

If we are allowed to enter this physical realm in the image and likeness of God, and if we have the same properties and abilities as God, then the obvious question becomes, Why don't we create a better life for ourselves and eliminate all the suffering and misery that we see in our world?

Indeed that is an excellent question. The answer is, Why don't we? We have, within us, the power to do it, so why don't we? The answer to this question is that we must first wake up to the power we each possess within us and remember who we really are.

Let me explain:

God created the physical universe in order to know experientially what she knows conceptually. God created energy units that we call spirit children, as a means for him to enter the physical world and experience what he knows conceptually.

Because God is the source of all that is, then the physical world is part of God. God is universal (uni = one, verse = song, i.e., universe = one song). As humans, God's spirit children, we are made of the same stuff as God and are one with God, not separate from God or dependent on God.

God comes from the world of the absolute where he is all that is and knows all that is conceptually. God created the physical world so all that is could be known relative to all that is not. Thus God sent her spirit children into the physical world in order to know experientially all that she knows conceptually. Without relativity the model breaks down. With relativity the genius of the plan unfolds with magnificent symmetry.

Creating the physical world itself in a relative fashion seems straightforward. The heavenly bodies, the earth, the sun, the moon and all the materials they are made of: the iron, zinc, lead, grass, dirt, water-the everything of the physical plane is like setting the stage. As Shakespeare said so eloquently, All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players...

So bring on the players and let's start the play (or let's start to play, it's the same thing). But what kind of play would it be if all of the players were the directors? What would happen in our play if we were all Gods (and we are), and we all had the same creative powers and other abilities that God has (and we do), and we all thought the same way God does? How then does God get to experience the everything?

It would be hard to experience the good, bad and the ugly if we all wore white hats. Yes, we inhabit the world of the relative where we have it all. The ups and the downs, the fats and the thins, the talls and the shorts, the lefts and the rights, the male and the female, and everything in between.

But if we already know everything (and we do) as spirit children of God, why wouldn't we choose peace, love and harmony all the time and eliminate the suffering and killing that we see all around us in the world today? Well, God understands the situation also.

What good would it do to create this wonderful world of the relative without the ability to experience the all of it? The good and the bad of it. That's why he brought fear into existence, the polar opposite of love. If she wants to truly experience love then she has to experience fear in order to know what love is not. Therefore, in order to know himself experientially as God, and in order for her spirit children to know themselves as God, you must first know yourself as not God.

This is the great collaboration between God and his spirit children. As spirits, we are created in the image and likeness of God. We were created to allow God to know himself experientially. There is no other way for this to happen except through her spirit children, and the physical world of the relative.

Of course we, as spirit children, know that we are one with God. God has told us and there is no way for us not to be one with God. That is who we really are. Because we are one with God, we are eternal. This is who we really are forever. That cannot be changed.

So our agreement with God is that upon entering the physical world, we agree to forget who we really are.

Say Ah-ha!!!

This is God's great gift to us. It is the cornerstone of God's ability to experience himself and know all that is. By letting go of who we really are, we are free to choose who we wish to be in the physical plane, rather than simply knowing that we are God, Goding in the grand plan.

We are truly players on the stage of life acting out a wonderful play indeed. The play that we choose ourselves. Nobody is writing or directing our play. We are creating it as we go along.

This marvelous gift that God gave us allows us to view the life process and then choose what we want to experience in order to answer the question Who do I wish to be? The ability to have total choice is essentially what God is (total freedom).

We are not restricted by our prior knowledge of who we really are. We are allowed to not only be the players of our lives but the directors of our own plays. Unfortunately most of us choose to be minor players in somebody else's play. But we're going to change that.

We are going to wake up and start choosing the play (your life) and the players (your relationships) that you wish to have and experience. Not the play that you may be sleepwalking through now.

The importance of waking up to your true authentic self cannot be emphasized enough.

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