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The Top 10 Facts About Email Marketing

Email marketing has become more difficult over the years, but is still the most lucrative way to make money online if done correctly.
Here are ten of the top facts for a successful email marketing campaign: 1.
Always create a list that is optin only.
This way you can avoid any legal issues if you happen to get any spam complaints down the road.
When setting up your web page make your optin box very visible to your visitors.
You might even want it to be the most obvious thing on your page.
This way you have a much better chance of gaining subscribers.
Set up your autoresponder correctly.
In other words, set it up to send only about one email a week, and do not try to sell them anything for at least a month.
The autoresponder emails should offer your subscribers something that they will find interesting and valuable, for instance some free advice or maybe a free download.
Even when you do try to sell to them, make it a soft sell.
Give a review of a product you found useful that they might, too.
Set up a squeeze page that focuses solely around your email list and optin box, and write articles that send traffic to this page.
This is a great free way to help with list building.
A good squeeze page can convert 5 out of 10 visitors to subscribers.
Make sure your email titles are enticing and not too spammy.
Bad titles can kill a perfectly good email campaign.
When picking out your autoresponder and list manager, make sure that it includes good tracking that allows you to monitor how many people open your emails.
If your numbers go below 8% you will be able to tweak your campaign to try to get your numbers up.
Make sure you time your autoresponder emails at the right time of day for your list.
Emails sent in the middle of the night can often get buried and never read.
Check out your autoresponder carefully when picking it out.
Does it get past the spam filters consistently.
You may want to research this online.
check out reviews of your choice to see how often they "inbox.
" 9.
Try to gain your lists trust by not being too persistent.
Try to resist the temptation of sending too many emails to your list.
Your email marketing efforts will be well rewarded if you are persistent.
It may take you months to start making a consistent profit.
If you follow these tips you should have a successful email marketing campaign.
Good luck!

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