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How to Build a Gate for Your Driveway

Things You'll Need



Measure the width of your driveway where the gate will be placed. Measure 4 1/4 inches outward from where the doors will be placed, and mark the area for your posts.

Dig a large hole where each post will be placed. The hole should be at least 2 1/2 feet deep and wide enough to hold your post.

Place each post in the hole, making sure each post is level and also even with one another.

Mix the cement and pour it around each of the posts. Be sure that the posts do not move during the drying process and remain even. (For best results, make sure that the posts are firmly in the ground with dirt surrounding them to prevent movement.) Use quick-dry cement to help the drying process go faster.

Lay out the framing stiles for each door. Connect the top and two sides together on each door by screwing them together. Cut the lattice to the exact size desired and put it into place on the top part of each of the two doors, using the screws to keep each lattice connected securely.

Connect each middle piece on the two doors by screwing them into the two sides securely.

Cut each of your panels to size and screw them into place on the bottom part of the door, below the lattice and middle piece.

Connect each of the doors to the post with the hinges, making sure they will swing open 180 degrees.

Attach the lock to your doors to be sure they stay in place securely. You may opt to have a lock that secures the doors into the ground (a metal bar is secured to the door and connected to a hole in the ground), making sure they will not swing open, should the lock come undone.

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