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Panda Breeding & Research Centre in Chengdu - Caring For Giant Pandas

Native to south western and central-western China, The giant Panda is an adorable bear and the Chinese consider this animal a national treasure.
This national emblem of China is today named in the list of conservation reliant endangered species.
Although common in China, this animal is loved by people from all across the world.
This beloved specie is commonly found in Gansu, Sichuan and Shaanxi provinces in China.
Positioned about 10 kilometers from Chengdu's downtown area, the Panda Breeding and Research Centre was formed in1987.
During the initial stages, this unmatched breeding centre provided shelter to only six of this species.
Today it has evolved in to a well equipped breeding and research centre and is home to more than 80.
A noteworthy fact is that this establishment has not taken a one from the wild for more than twenty years.
This alone is clear proof of the centre's commitment towards conservation.
This centre in Chengdu plays a major role in assisting various other organizations holding this lovable specie.
It provides valuable information, expert advice and technical assistance on breeding, caring and nurturing giant pandas.
Each year the Breeding and Research Centre organize the 'Giant Panda Annual Technical Meeting' which brings together researchers from all across the world.
Over the years this annual gathering has created a platform for sharing information and improving captive management for the protection of this creature.
Occupying an area of 92 acres, the breeding and research institute provides shelter to giant pandas, black-necked cranes, lesser pandas, white storks and more than 20 types of endangered animals.
This beautiful panda base is complete with fresh and clean air, lush bamboo cultivation, flowers and a natural hill.
It is equipped with a fascinating museum on giant panda's, a silage room, training centre, medical centre, well appointed research laboratories as well as sleeping quarters.
This attraction in Chengdu is a wonderful base for those keen on exploring this amazing endangered species.
Chengdu Hotel accommodation in the vicinity is also easy to find, making it much more convenient for visitors interested in exploring this exceptional breeding facility.
Therefore, staying at a Chengdu hotel will make the journey to this part of China a truly exciting and memorable one.

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