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Onan P218 Engine Specs

    • Cummings Onan is a company that produces power generator engines for residential and commercial use. The Cummings Onan P218 engine is just one of many of the different engines offered by the manufacturer. The P218 is a power air-cooled generator engine introduced in the mid-1980s. Knowing the specifications for the P218 will help you to understand whether it will suit your particular needs and purposes, saving you time and money in the long run.

    Watts, Design and Starting

    • The P218 engine operates at either 4,000 or 5,500 watts. The P218 engine uses a revolving field design with an automatic starting system.

    Cylinders, RPM and Weight

    • The P218 engine is a two-cylinder engine which runs at 1,800 RPM and weights either 216 or 258 pounds, depending on the model.

    Performance Features

    • The horsepower of the P218 engine is 10.3 bhp, with a displacement of 47.7 cubic inches. The compression ratio is 6.9:1 with a bore of 3.25 inches and stroke of 2.87 inches.

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