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The Internet"s Marketing Silver Bullet

Social media and blogging can immediately establish a company's presence and deliver its message online. Business owners and entrepreneurs can now find specific communities that they can target and deliver their message [] addressing specific interests and concerns. But for most companies, the Internet's capabilities and outreach are limited. There are countless businesses with websites, blogs and social media campaigns that are not effectively reaching the public, much less their specific target market. The Internet is an amazingly powerful communication tool; it offers everyone with a computer and online accesses a voice and an outlet, but that is also the net's downside. There are millions upon millions out there trying to deliver their messages and competing for eyeballs and visitors. Nearly every competitor is trying to get his or her message out to the public using the same basic approach, which creates a daunting marketing dilemma. The Internet is a marketing must, but how does a company effectively market online?

The smarter companies use a targeted approach, utilizing SEO and SEM techniques; they create and market their blogs and develop targeted campaigns on the various social media sites. But, even for the savviest online marketers, the competition is still fierce.

This is where traditional PR becomes the Internet's silver bullet; the most important marketing tool available. Appearing in the Wall Street Journal, Time magazine, Oprah, CNN, or even in a local or regional media outlet can immediately separate you and your business from all of your competitors. Effective media relations your company the validation and credibility that very few of the competition can match. Appearing in the press, either in a TV segment, or print feature story, positions you, your product or your service in a unique way. It can also establish you as an expert in your particular field. Appearing in the media is transformational. You go from being simply one of the many online businesses, to being a topical story with a buzz. Suddenly you and your business are positioned in a very different manner. You become the news.

Now that you have news coverage you can take that TV segment or magazine or newspaper article and post it on your blog, post it on your Facebook page, Tweet about it, talk about it on Linked in. You can use that validating news story and now magnify it online. The combination of traditional public relations with social media and blogging is revolutionizing the world of communication when it comes to reaching your target market, delivering your message, creating your brand and growing your business.

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