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Check out Diving Village while on a Dubai Boat Tour

As almost any visitor in Dubai knows that pearl diving used to be one of the main sources of revenue and main means of making a living in Dubai, long before the Gulf struck oil.

In commemoration of this part of the emirate’s history, the government developed the Dubai Diving Village, a recreated village settlement housed within the larger Heritage Village complex. The complex is one of the sights included on a Dubai dhow cruise and one of the best places to learn about the emirate’s history.

Exhibitions on pearl fishing and demonstrations of pearl diving techniques are offered for the visiting public. Tourists on a Dubai boat tour can also browse through the various souks that dot the little village and lunch at any of the quaint restaurants that line the streets.

As the Dubai Pearl Diving Village is located close to the Creek, touring the complex is a rather pleasant pastime. Try to check your Dubai dhow tour booking for the timings during which you can visit the area. You could plan your trip depending on the time of the day when the dhows will be visiting.

Nonetheless, the best time to visit the Pearl Diving area would be during the afternoon. You could grab a lunch at any of the restaurants and cafes or simply have a picnic. If you are taking a dinner dhow cruise in Dubai, this could turn out to be an expensive affair. A private booking however, would give you more time to enjoy both these trips.

Compare the trip rates offered by different Dubai boat tour company to know which package suits your needs better.

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