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Working Off Calories At The Mall Beats Going To The Gym

Does the unsavory thought of hundreds of sweating, panting people, desperately battling it out with a device-of-torture, trying to undo the damage caused by over-indulgence force you to waste another months membership fees or are you really too busy to go today or this week for that matter? I feel exactly the same, therefore I never ever buy a gym membership to start out with.
But I do stay in shape doing what I enjoy the most, and that is visiting our local mall.
You don't believe me? Well let me enlighten you.
It is all in the mindset you have - you must be calorie-killing orientated otherwise the whole plan boomerangs on you.
Step one is deciding on the clothes you're going to wear.
Going to the mall in your fancy clothes is a no-no, as it creates a feeling of wellbeing and indulgence - so choose wisely - a tracksuit and a pair of sneakers takes care of two issues.
Firstly wearing a tracksuit forces you to be figure-conscious and secondly your attire allows for greater walking distance and running up the stairs without receiving stares from other shoppers, as they will perceive you to be an athlete.
Step two is hidden in the strategy of parking your vehicle as far away from the entrance to the mall as possible and to walk at a very brisk pace as it burns more calories.
Always choose the stairs over the escalators but if you are left with no option but the escalators, run or walk them up for it surely beats standing on them like a statue when you have a desire to kill off some unwanted fat cells.
The secret lies in the sum-total of the small exercises you do - keeping your body in motion whilst your mind is elsewhere engaged is like doing it in your sleep.
Step three involves knowing the layout of your mall as you have to avoid going anywhere near those delicious restaurant-aromas, for they have the explicit purpose of tempting the willpower of an innocent health-conscious shopper.
The calorie-damage to your body, not mentioning your thoughts of guilt, after falling prey to any of those aromas is just not worth the short-lived experience - no matter how good it was.
(We're still on the topic of food here, aren't we?) Step four pertains to the duration and frequency of your visits to the mall.
Offer to run some errands for your mother, a friend or relative if window-shopping does not appeal to you.
However ensure that you stay at least two hours and spend the time walking - it will have no benefit to go there only to sit on a bench watching the passersby.
Do try to visit the mall at least twice during the week and again over the weekend.
Granted you will probably not burn as many calories as you would have done going to the gym, but apart from the fact that it keeps you away from the kitchen fridge, I can name a few good reasons why the mall gets my vote time and again.
Then do as my friend says "Rinse and Repeat"

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